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Note: Scholarships and prizes will vary annually and are based on academic excellence and financial need.

Students pursuing careers in the health care profession ONLY should apply.


  •  Applicants must be African American students

  •  Applicants must be graduating High School Seniors

  •  Students from anywhere in the United States can apply 

  •  Applicants must attend a two/four year university or technical school

  •  Scholarship awards must be used for tuition, books, fees or other need while attending the institution




You must submit your materials through the Foundation's online application system


Materials submitted separately will NOT be considered 


Create one file (chosen by your "First Name Last Name - Mae and Mary Scholarship" saved as Word or PDF) NO ZIP files accepted.  Upload the following supporting documents with your application:

  •  recent photo

  •  cover letter and resume (feel free to be creative)

  •  one personal essay – design your own topic of choice (no more than one page)

  •  ​two letters of recommendation

  •  current transcripts (unofficial or official)

  •  a copy of college letter of acceptance (if available)




March 31, 2025 11:59 PM EST *(Applications received after deadline will not be accepted) 

Winners will be announced May 11, 2025


What we seek in a candidate


Dreamer - with a promising future in the health profession

Brand Ambassador - will represent our brand well

Creative Essays - personal touch with quality of thought and expression

Academic performance - evidenced by course curriculum

Meticulous - organized appearance/mistake free application

Ambitious - the healthy kind

Game changer - a desire to make a difference

Character - honest and transparent

Endorsements - strong letters of recommendation

Gratitude - appreciative to donors for making college dreams come true

Not just a scholarship winner but become a part of our family - our legacy

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